Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Wonders

I've come to the conclusion, that there is no greater inspiration than Life. Those simple nothings, that I know we all sometimes take for granted... Like the view I get from my back porch...

To some people, it may not be as magical as I think it is, but I thought I had a responsibility to 'show it to the world' can't keep Trinidad's lil magic to myself, eh.
Here's the same place, but a bit more pretty :)

Here's 2 more photos from Tyrico Bay, full view for a better eye candy ;)

These photos were taken when I was just starting out in a new found passion- Photography. The later posts will most likely have a different style, as I developed and experimented with techniques and so on. It's always amazing to see the improvements you've made when you compare old and current work. And I always find reasons to improve. Perhaps the search for 'perfection' is endless... :)

1 comment:

  1. nice places,,n u done a pretty gud work behind the lens,,,,
    ''There is no greater inspiration than life---true lines

    ''the search for perfection is endless'' bcoz u beat ur own perfection n u look for other one ahead everytime,,,cheers :)