Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Working with what I got

So, bad news. It turns out that the circuit board on my CPU is ruined. Meaning I can’t use, and worst of all access all my important stuff, ugh. And God alone knows if I’ll EVER be able to recover them :S Did I mention I haven’t backed up my system in say… 1000 years? Annoyed right now, mostly at myself. So my netbook is finally being put to use. This’ll have to suffice. For now.

Anyways, I decided to only put up my “best” works, or at least that’s what people say. You can always check out the crap on dA

Happy_Toes_by_freestyle_1love Yep those are my friendly toes :) Mommy and her little ones. My right foot (not shown) had the father and more little ones :D I may post it eventually. Was bored with my sharpie… didn’t plan on ending up with this.

When_I_Look_Into_Your_Eyes____by_freestyle_1love N here is Kamla the cat. Now, this is not mine. She belongs to the neighbours. When she came leisurely strolling in my yard I decided I should take her photo as a pass :P She was named by the neighbours who are btw little kids ages ranging from 6-12. Kamla, around that time was campaigning to be the first female Prime Minister of my country- T&T. She won btw. Apparently you’re never too young to get involved in politics and the like. Oh and I voted for the very first time this year for that elections. Yes, I am legal.


Being truly inspired by the Typography art I always seem to come across be it online, brochures, newspapers, tv etc, I decided to give it a try- traditionally though.


Getting the hang of Typography, I felt confident enough to give a try at it digitally.


That should do it for now.

Peace, love & respect.