Monday, November 22, 2010

Colourful Love


J’adore colours… and hearts Red heart …and stars Star


Here I have the same (above) photo, minus the colourful stationery.

I’m all about ‘one love’ (no, I’m not a Rastafarian nor Hippie etc.) I just like to share the happiness love brings. And one quote I always remember and act upon is '”Love knows no prejudice”


^^ Here is a result of my fascination and photo experimentation of these colourful polka dot thingys- Bio gel (In the cup that my mom got as a present from someone, which I took because its jus so darn cool… *just remembers* that I don’t ever drink in) Thinking smile

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Working with what I got

So, bad news. It turns out that the circuit board on my CPU is ruined. Meaning I can’t use, and worst of all access all my important stuff, ugh. And God alone knows if I’ll EVER be able to recover them :S Did I mention I haven’t backed up my system in say… 1000 years? Annoyed right now, mostly at myself. So my netbook is finally being put to use. This’ll have to suffice. For now.

Anyways, I decided to only put up my “best” works, or at least that’s what people say. You can always check out the crap on dA

Happy_Toes_by_freestyle_1love Yep those are my friendly toes :) Mommy and her little ones. My right foot (not shown) had the father and more little ones :D I may post it eventually. Was bored with my sharpie… didn’t plan on ending up with this.

When_I_Look_Into_Your_Eyes____by_freestyle_1love N here is Kamla the cat. Now, this is not mine. She belongs to the neighbours. When she came leisurely strolling in my yard I decided I should take her photo as a pass :P She was named by the neighbours who are btw little kids ages ranging from 6-12. Kamla, around that time was campaigning to be the first female Prime Minister of my country- T&T. She won btw. Apparently you’re never too young to get involved in politics and the like. Oh and I voted for the very first time this year for that elections. Yes, I am legal.


Being truly inspired by the Typography art I always seem to come across be it online, brochures, newspapers, tv etc, I decided to give it a try- traditionally though.


Getting the hang of Typography, I felt confident enough to give a try at it digitally.


That should do it for now.

Peace, love & respect.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Wonders

I've come to the conclusion, that there is no greater inspiration than Life. Those simple nothings, that I know we all sometimes take for granted... Like the view I get from my back porch...

To some people, it may not be as magical as I think it is, but I thought I had a responsibility to 'show it to the world' can't keep Trinidad's lil magic to myself, eh.
Here's the same place, but a bit more pretty :)

Here's 2 more photos from Tyrico Bay, full view for a better eye candy ;)

These photos were taken when I was just starting out in a new found passion- Photography. The later posts will most likely have a different style, as I developed and experimented with techniques and so on. It's always amazing to see the improvements you've made when you compare old and current work. And I always find reasons to improve. Perhaps the search for 'perfection' is endless... :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well, hello there!

So this is my very first post here, hopefully there will be more after this! Basically what I'm doing here is 'broadening my art network' -if there's such a thing. I'll try my best to publish my latest work here, just as I do on And I'll be honest and say I'm a bit lagging on uploading pics on

Man I hope I get some I don't feel like I'm rambling on here to myslef lol.

Here's some of my first shots, enjoy!
(Note all my work published here is Copyright Crystal Ice, and is not to be used without permission.)

These first two photos were taken at Manzanilla Beach, Trinidad on Carnival Monday

These two photos were taken at Caura River, Trinidad on Carnival Tuesday

The first photo here was taken at Tyrico Bay, Trinidad. The other is a photomanip that was inspired by World Earth Day, and the need to Go Green!